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Updated: Dec 18, 2019

reality TV, food, drinks, movies, and St. Patty's Day . . . oh . . . and regretting drinks

So a lot and nothing both happened last week.

The Bachelor:

Monday was the beginning of the two-night finale of “the most dramatic season of The Bachelor” to date. I didn’t really think this season was that dramatic. Aside from the fence jump (which was totally worth the wait) and Cassie breaking up with Colton just to end up with him in the end, the season was actually kind of boring. My view may have been a little tainted because I was never a huge fan of Colton . . . not when he was on Becca’s season of The Bachelorette and not when he dated Tia on Bachelor in Paradise, breaking up with her to become the franchise’s next Bachelor. That seemed like a pretty shitty move to me and I was not a fan since. However, I am a major fan of the show in general, so I found myself watching anyway.

Monday night, Colton broke up with my personal fave, Tayshia and Hannah G. so that he could show his love to Cassie. I’m not gonna lie, when he told Chris Harrison that he believed Cassie really did love him and she just didn’t want to say it because there were two other women involved, I thought Colton had been abducted by aliens in the time he was nowhere to be found. “Maybe she’s just not that into you” is probably the best thing Chris Harrison has ever said and I totally agreed with him.

Tuesday night, on the actually finale, Colton proved me wrong. Somehow, he managed to get the girl back and he and Cassie are supposedly very in love and very happy. I hope it works out.

The second night of The Bachelor also revealed to us the newest Bachelorette and let me tell you, I am the happiest girl ever. For only like the second time since I started watching the show, the next Bachelorette is who I wanted it to be! Hannah B! She’s a fellow lady from the south. Though she is a Bama fan (Goooo Dawgs!), I’ll give her a pass because she is literally the sweetest, most down to earth woman they could have chosen. She’s awkward AF and I’m here for it.

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Ex on the Beach:

Does anybody else besides me and my BFFL watch this show? If you don’t, you’re totally missing out. Basically, it’s a bunch of reality stars living in a house with each other at the beach. For some odd reason, they think they’re just gonna party it up (I still think they know what they’re getting into), but little do they know, their exes soon crash the party. The biggest question that’s asked is “can you really get over your ex?” I mean . . . duh. Buuut . . . it makes for a good show. Oh! And Romeo is the host. I’m all for it.

This season is sadly coming to an end. Thursday night’s episode was a little thrilling because FINALLY Maddie was forced to leave. That girl was seriously the most annoying ex in the house and she literally had no reason to be there. Every scene she was in, she was either eating salad or talking about how Chad wanted her back. Chad was definitely all in for Nicole and Nurys ultimately sent her packing. In doing so, she let Nelson rejoin the house. I’m not sure why Nurys had the power to do this, but I think she made the right choice. I’m still confused on the whole Nelson thing anyway. He left without any explanation other than he had personal matters, but the show definitely made it seem like he was going to come back. Just when I thought he was gone for good, he could only come back in if Nurys let him? Plot twist.

In the end, the singles decide to throw a love fest and give everyone crushes at the cut or crush ceremony. Except Cory. Cory has gone back and forth with me this season. He’s gone from annoying to sweet to boring to sweet again to fiesty to just plain old rude. He literally just fought with Jozea in the previous episode about Jozea being rude to the exes and then, in this episode he tells Tor’i that “exes are people too.” So why, when given the opportunity to crush an ex does Cory cut Perez? The world may never know.

Next week is the finale and eee gasp we have some people returning! Nicole, Janelle, and Farrah come back out of the water.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta:

I’m not sure how far into the season we actually are at this point, but last night’s episode still touched on the whole closet fiasco. ICYMI, Kandi and Porsha, who were attending a Bye Wig party at Nene’s house, entered the hostess’ closet and things got heated real quick. After what appeared to be multiple attempts to keep the housewives out of her closet, Nene lost it when the camera crew started to enter her private lair. Nene stood up and pulled the cameraman back, ripping his shirt in the process. Not only did the viewers not get to see inside Nene’s closet, we didn’t get to see what happened after the shirt was ripped.

Last night’s episode, however, was mostly about Eva’s wedding. It was a grand affair with wardrobe changes and tears. There were tears of happiness when the happy couple exchanged their vows and there were tears of sadness as Nene touched on her troubles with her husband, Gregg.

Oh and Shamari was . . . well . . . drunk. I’m sure “Mar-ho” was not surprised . . . but can you blame her? Bars at weddings always get me, so I feel ya girl.

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The Life of Shay:

This isn’t a TV show . . . obvs.

My week was full of shenanigans. My roommate is in grad school and this past week she had no classes due to Spring Break. Instead of going to the beach, which is what we wanted to do, but we’re trying really hard to adult, we did some fun things around town.


Akademia Brewing Co. (review to come under #shaycheese)

Old fashions and ½ off wings and fried goat cheese, oh my!


We went to go see A Madea Family Funeral.

Overall, the movie was just okay. There were A LOT of laughs, but the plot wasn’t that great. A man dies on a ball gag cheating on his wife. We find out he cheated on his wife throughout the marriage and his son, played by Courtney Burrell (fine ass), is turning out to be just like him. Burrell’s character is also cheating on his wife with his brother’s fiance.

Mmmmm . . . like I said . . . it was okay. Definitely not worth staying up past my bedtime a second night in a row.


Nothing happened. I went to work. I came home. I caught up on sleep. I told you two nights in a row of staying up past my bedtime really did a number on me.


I’m not really sure I did anything here either.


My roommate and I decided to go out. We didn’t think Downtown Athens would be too crowded with the students still gone on Spring Break. The night started off at our favorite restaurant, La Parilla and then we made our move to Allgood Lounge. After the three margs we consumed at dinner and the shot and drink consumed at Allgood, we were feeling good and moved along to Wonderbar. Another shot and two games of Connect Four later, we finally settled at Magnolia’s for some final chillin before heading home.


I regretted Friday


I got dressed to go to the St. Patrick’s Festival in Athens, but was cancelled on. My ass went to the grocery store in full on St. Patrick’s Day garb and then I came home and drank half a bottle of Duplin Hatteras Red wine.

Welp . . . it’s Monday again and . . . meh.

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