Three Things To Consider To Make Your Move Merry

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

It’s here! The #holiday season is finally upon us and I don’t know about y’all, but it is my absolute favorite time of the year! *jumps giddily up and down like a schoolgirl who just got a Valentine’s card from her long-time crush.*

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m a woman who loves a good #Halloween party. Or two. Or three. Seriously. I had three events I had to dress up for this year and I wasn’t complaining in the least. I mean one of them ended up getting canceled, but I was already in my shadow costume, so I just kept it on and recorded two episodes of my #podcast in it. That’s totally acceptable. Right?

Anyway, in typical Shay fashion, I got off topic.

So . . . here we go! Back to the real reason we’re here.

When you think #holidayseason, you don’t really think it’s time to move, do you?

Usually people choose to make their big moves over the summer. The kids are out. They don’t have to do that whole switcharoo in the middle of the school year. You’ve got more free time to take off work; I mean, everyone is taking vacations during the summer, so why can’t you?

Though, I will say using a week of your leave over the summer to move is not the same as a vacation. Trust me. I know.

Also, you’ve got more funds over the summer for all of your moving expenses. The holidays are far into the future, (except for me. My birthday is in the summer and if you’re in my life, that’s a holiday that must be celebrated) so you’ve got all the monies for all the pesky moving dolla dolla bills that, unfortunately, must be spent.

What if I told you moving around this time of year could still be a great option? Would you believe me? Though there are definitely pros to ditching your old house for a new one in the months of May to September (I mentioned some of them up there), here’s three things to consider when making a move later in the year.

It’s Cooler

This may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but if you’ve been following my journey recently, you know I just purchased my first home. That being said, #moving day was absolutely miserable.

I moved from #Athens to #Lawrenceville at the end of July and if you’re at all familiar with #Atlanta, you know July outside is seriously like living in the depths of Hell. It is hot, hot, HOT.

So why not move a bunch of heavy boxes and furniture down the stairs of a three story townhome onto a moving truck, off the truck and into and up the stairs of a two story townhome? That sounds like a fabulous idea! Right?


I mean, in my case, I didn’t really have much choice. Most Athens leases are in 12 month terms that begin in August and end in July. If you’re lucky, you can get a 6 month, but where I was living, that just wasn’t the case.

Had I the choice, however, I would have totally gone with a six month and spared myself and my family from sweating miserably and having no cool air to take a break in. Us #Muggles are not about the mugginess.

If you caught that #HarryPotter reference, we need to be the best of friends immediately. Unless you’re a #Slytherin, then maybe. We’ll see.

Bills are typically less

In my experience, the fall and winter months create cheaper power bills. And for me now, gas bills as well.

Ever since I’ve lived on my own, or with a roommate, but you get what I mean . . . ever since I’ve been the one in charge of paying my own bills . . .

Seriously, why does no one tell you #adulting kind of sucks?

Anyhoo, whenever it’s time to turn that thermostat from AC to heat, I do that whole jump up and down like a giddy schoolgirl bit. It takes a few weeks, if not a month, for that thing to kick up the heat, so there’s little electricity and/or gas being used. My bills plummet at least 30 bucks and I am a very, very happy camper.

If you moved in the fall/winter months, you’d get a little extra spending money from all the monies you save from your bills. That money could go toward those moving expenses; you could put it in a #savings account, so you’re prepared when those summer months do hit; you could use the extra money for the holiday season that would be right around the corner!

People are merrier

I don’t know about you, but all the times I’ve moved, I’ve needed help. And lots of it! I’ve been lucky enough that my #family has always made themselves available to help me, but they haven’t always been in the best of #spirits.

I mean, it’s hot y’all!

I asked someone the other day why they thought it was people liked the holiday season so much. Like, why is this time of the year considered the most wonderful time of the year? (if you can read that line without singing it in your head like Andy Williams, I applaud you.)

Their answer was simple: people are nicer. In general, people seem to just be in a better #mood.

Who wouldn’t want #merry little elves helping you move while you sing all the holiday jams??? I might not call them #elves though. Unless you get them a cute costume to wear, which you also put on.

I told you, I’m all about the costumes.

So, there’s my list of some considerations to make when you decide to move! Personally, I’d go with those Fall/Winter months. It sounds way more fun!

However, if you can’t make that Fall/Winter move work, there’s still hope for you yet!

Atlanta Peach Movers is a company that is available to you year-round! Whether you have to make your move, like I did, in the hot months of Summer or if you get lucky enough to move when it’s cooler, Atlanta Peach Movers can be there for you, and they’ll always be in a merry mood!

They provide their truck and load all of your things for you, shrink-wrapping and padding your most delicate and fragile items, so they arrive to your new home or business as safely as possible. This isn’t all #AtlantaPeachMovers does; they have a number of services to provide what they call Premium White Glove Moving. They literally roll out a red carpet for you. If that doesn’t put you in a cheery mood even if it’s 800,000 degrees outside, I don’t know what will. Also, they offer long distance moving Atlanta, international moving service, storage services, and more.

Check out their website by clicking on one of those links above and read up on how these movers get stringent training at their very own Peach University! Once you do, you’ll want to get that quote and start packing your boxes (or not; you don’t have to do that either, they’ll do it for you)!

Still have more questions for Atlanta Peach Movers? You can get some answers here.

Happy Holidays!

Yes, I’ll end every blog post with this until after the new year. I am that Muggle.

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