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Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Welcome back to another edition of my fave type of blog post! #booksandbooze

I mean, seriously, can you think of a better combo?

This week I'm excited to announce the #book I'm featuring is the first ever #ARC I've received as a blogger! *insert ghost coming out of mouth emoji right frickin' here*

Granted, it came from one of my #bookishbesties, Jess Bryant.

For those of you who don't know, or likely forgot because I haven't released a book in two years (thank you Facebook for reminding me), I'm an author. I released this pretty awesome (not big-headed at all, I swear) series- The Brookston Housewives Series- between the years of 2016 and 2017. I was a part of two anthologies after that. And then I had these two little bitches called depression and anxiety come banging on my door yet again . . . so I disappeared for a little bit in order to could get my ish together.

After a while this blog came along and well, here we are! Anyhoo . . . while I was doing my author thing real big for two years, I got some ARCs from the awesome people I met, so I could share my love for their words, but NOW . . . I've got this awesome platform to do it on, so back to the Quinn to my Santana . . . yes we did that . . . along with Maren Lee who is the Brittany, making up our own little Bookish Unholy Trinity . . .

and there I go getting sidetracked as per usssss . . . like I was saying . . .

Jess Bryant writes amazing, beautiful books and she did not disappoint with her newest manuscript, Imperfect Saint.

Imperfect Saint is the first novel in Jess' new All Saints Security Series. The main characters are Millie Turner and Hunter St. James (which you may know from another series of hers). Millie and Hunter both work for the amazing Lemon Kelly, my all time favorite character Jess has created thus far (be sure to check out her book here).

Hunter has always had a thing for Millie and she's always shut him down. For professional reasons or personal reasons? Sometimes, even Millie couldn't find the answer.

For reasons I cannot share on this blog post because I try to never give spoilers and y'all know I like to keep my #SIPnopsis short and sweet, Millie needs a date to her brother's wedding. The amazing (yes, that is the only word to describe her) Lemon sets Millie up with the perfect date . . . Hunter. Only Millie doesn't know it's him until she's packed and he's picking her up for the ride back to her hometown.


  • Hometown Drama

  • Exes suck

  • Frenemies [I mean they weren't really enemies, but Millie was so not interested (or at least she acted like she wasn't)] to Lovers


Then Imperfect Saint is perfect for you!

Eh. Eh. See what I did there?

Seriously y'all. Jess Bryant's book was the breath of angsty fresh air I needed and I'm so excited I got to read it early and share my love with the world! Or at least the 15 beautiful people who read my blog. (we gettin' up there! stick with me!)

Now . . .

*think think think*

Which #drink pairs best with a book that is so saucy and steamy, a bit of sour (not from Millie or Hunter of course), and full of all the sweetness at the same time?

I'm not gonna lie, it took me a minute to find the perfect drink, but after some careful research. I think I found the one!

My version of a #Whiskey Hot and Sour.

What is a #WhiskeyHotandSour, you ask?

The Recipe


2 oz of #Fireball cinnamon whiskey

1 oz of fresh lemon juice

1/2 oz of simple syrup or honey*

1/4 t of hot sauce

To Make:

combine all ingredients into a shaker over ice and shake to your heart's desire

pour into a low-ball glass and enjoy

garnish (of your choosing; suggested lemon wedge, orange slice, or pepper)

*honey is the lazy person's substitution . . . use the simple syrup. It's a much better option. Trust me. I tried the honey. I'm the lazy person. The lazy person is me.

And there ya have it!

A drink that embodies all of the savory and sweet that is entangled in the pages of Jess Bryant's next release! (and it's a pretty darn good #cocktail if you like spicy drinks).

So, what to do now?

Well, you've got to wait until tomorrow for the book to release. Then, you #oneclick that thing real fast, pour yourself a Whiskey Hot and Sour, sit back, relax, and get ready for one spicy night! And it'll be #FriYAY so go ahead and pour yourself another.

And once you're done with the book, be sure to rate and review it on Amazon and Goodreads and BookBub and all of the other platforms you can think of. Authors need these things!

*I received an ARC of Imperfect Saint in exchange for my honest review*

Join me again soon for another #ThirstyThursday #SIPnopsis!! Until then follow Jess Bryant on Instagram Facebook and Twitter!

"whiskey and ice and everything nice"

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