So . . . It's Monday

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

We all know that Mondays may not be the best day of the week . . . I personally am more on the ‘Tuesdays are the worst day of the week’ train . . . but, you get what I mean.

The weekends are full of fun, food, family, and friends. As soon as Sunday gets here, you count down the free time you have until that annoying alarm clock strikes again. It rips you from your beautiful sleep and forces you out of your bed just so your brain is full of all the F’s not in front of fun.




You get to work and not only are you tired, you’re irritable, angry, sad . . . anything but happy. You fake your smile and laugh just to get through the work day and then you go home, exercise, shower, cook dinner, sit on the couch and wait for tomorrow to begin the process all over again. The routine continues until Fri-yay and then you genuinely grin because the weekend is finally before you and you can tell that alarm clock to kiss it for the next two days.

What if every day was Monday?

What if every single day you struggled to get out of bed, get to work, and actually produce a genuine smile?

What if you never got to Friday and you were in this constant state of sadness, numbness, and/or anger?

Life would be draining! Trust me, I know. Being diagnosed with both depression and anxiety, I know what it’s like to be on the struggle bus. I know how it feels to just want to sit and sleep and feel nothing. I know what faking a smile just to make it from the AM to the PM is like.

It’s like a Monday repeating itself every time that pesky alarm clock makes itself known.

The alarm sounds. You wake up. You force yourself out of bed. You walk to the clock and press the button to shut it up. You start your morning routine. You finally make it to work. You sit at your desk and power up that computer again. You smile at your colleagues and you talk and listen about each other’s weekends and night befores, but really . . . you’re not actually talking.

You’re not sharing with them how sad you are. You’re not telling them how you feel unsuccessful and unfulfilled in life, how you’re too busy to get anything done, how you’re not sleeping. You’re not speaking to them about that feeling of dread, nothingness, or impending doom that’s pitted in your stomach.

What if you did speak up?

If not to your family or friends, what if you at least had someone to talk to?

Ray of Hope Counseling Services has that someone for you. Ray of Hope Counseling Services has a multitude of services including individual and family therapy, as well as couples counseling. Providing therapy in Lawrenceville, Alpharetta, Conyers, Athens, Canton, Peachtree City, East Cobb, Marietta, and Kennesaw (all cities listed located in the state of Georgia), you have more than one opportunity to find that perfect person to listen to you, hear you, and help you heal.

As someone who suffers with not feeling like myself at times, I can’t begin to tell you how important counseling has been to me. There was a point when I first was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, that I didn’t go to therapy. I took my medication, but I never talked it out. I know, it’s not for everyone, but when the depression became overwhelming, I decided to give counseling a try and after just a couple of weeks of just having word vomit with someone who was actually there to listen to my problems, I began to feel just a little bit better.

And if we can turn those terrible Mondays into resembling a Friday, even just a sliver, I’ll take it!

Check out Ray of Hope Counseling Services and just see what you think. Browse their website, call the number and chat with them, or check out their blog!

Not suffering from depression and/or anxiety? Ray of Hope Counseling Services provides services for addiction, stress and anger, behavioral issues, crisis intervention, and more.

Today may be Monday, but it doesn’t have to be the worst day of the week forever.

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