Mulch and Martinis

It's Thursday and it's five o'clock somewhere! #mood

Aaaaaand . . . even if it's not five where you are, it's still #thirstythursday and if you're anything like me, you really are sitting at your desk thirsty as fuck and wishing five o'clock would just get here already so you could make the commute home while you listen to your favorite true crime podcast, pull in the garage, let your cute little chihuahua out to handle his business, exercise, shower, cook dinner, sit down on your couch to eat said dinner while you watch #truecrime and finally get that glass of #wine (or #liquor . . . let's be honest, it's been a week).

Just me?

Well, anyhoo, it's a routine and it's fabulous. You should try it!

The last couple of Thursdays, however, have been just a wee bit different. I mean, pretty much the same, up until the part where I watched true crime on my couch while I ate dinner and drank my dessert in a glass; the difference was, instead of bingeing serial killers or some wacko who just had a moment, I immersed myself in a world a lot nicer and much more romantic.

Insert: Staci Hart and her newest release.

I mean seriously, could she be any more adorable?

Let me just start by saying, she's done it again with this one folks!

It was around May of this year when I first picked up a Staci Hart novel (read: one-clicked on my kindle bc . . . duh). Piece of Work was that book and I absolutely loved it. Afterward, I immediately downloaded Tonic and With a Twist. I haven't had the pleasure to crack open those novels yet, but when I got the opportunity to read Gilded Lily, I knew I couldn't turn it down. The cover was pink, and like, my fave shade of pink, so I was already hooked. That, along with my love of Piece of Work, and the short Doritos conversation I had with Staci on FB once, I was positive I wouldn't be disappointed with this novel as I already had a girl crush on the author and her way with words.

As I finished the last words of Kash and Lila's story, I was right.

I rooted for Kash and Lila throughout the pages. I laughed at their early interactions. I swooned when they started falling in love. My eyes watered when things got tough. And I yelled at the villains and confusion that life brought into their lives.

You'll have to read the book to find out if there's a happily ever after #HEA because if you've read my book blog posts before, these are meant to be short and sweet #SIPnopses and there are no spoilers involved!

What's a SIPnopsis, you may be wondering? Though I may be prone to typos every once and awhile, I meant to put that "I" there.

Because we be sippin'!

I always pair a #cocktail with the books I read and for Gilded Lily, I found the perfect one.

A sweet and sour martini that I'm going to call the The Lila.

As I came to the end of this story, I started to think about what would embody the amazingness of this book and these characters. I looked online. I searched through my cocktail books. I stared at my bar. That's when I knew what it had to be!

Gilded Lily is an opposites attract romantic comedy and what else but sweet and sour when you think about opposites attracting in the best way possible? I had all of the ingredients already. It was like a romantic comedy playing out right before my eyes. Me being in the room and the ingredients being on the bar? In that exact moment? It was meant to be.

The Recipe


3 oz vanilla vodka

1/2 oz lime juice

1/2 oz grenadine


Pour all ingredients into a shaker over ice


Serve in a chilled martini glass

Choose to garnish with Lilac flowers OR maraschino cherry OR lime wedge OR just chug the thing.

As I mentioned before, Staci Hart did it again with this one. The style of her writing is more than amazing and I know my next year will be filled with Hart.

Catch up with the Bennet brothers before her next release in the series comes 2020!

*Bonus recipe for a second drink that would go great with Gilded Lily can be found at Sow and Dipity, here*

**I received an ARC of Gilded Lily in exchange for my honest review*

Join me again soon for another #ThirstyThursday #SIPnopsis!! Until then follow Staci Hart on Instagram Facebook and Twitter!

images courtesy Staci Hart

"I never go jogging, it makes me spill my martini." ~ George Burns

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