Can’t Be Pesky When You’re Peachy!

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Happy #Halloween y’all!

If you’ve been following me at all, you know I recently bought a hizzy.

Me? A homeOWNER? Wow. Sometimes, I still can’t believe it myself. So far, *goes to find some wood to knock on*, so good.

There’s been a few things here and there that I’ve been dealing with: a leaky faucet (still haven’t gotten it fixed . . . pray for me and my water bill); hanging curtains . . . I’m 5’1 and single AF . . . this was a challenge. Trust me; and trying to get rid of the dog hair of the previous owners out of the carpet. Weekly vacuum struggles ova here!

Though the owner’s dog may have wanted to leave a little bit of himself behind, the family from before did me a solid and made sure the outside of my little humble abode was spotless.

S P O T L E S S.

I felt so dumb when I asked my new neighbor, “how come our back patios and driveways are so much whiter than everyone else’s?”.

She then proceeded to give me that ‘oh you’ve got so much to learn you new homeowner you’ smile (in the nicest way possible . . . seriously. My neighbor is the sweetest!) and told me *insert previous homeowner’s name here* had the driveway and back patio pressure washed before he left. He also had my neighbor’s done as well!

Kinda makes up for the dog hair, right?

Well, after my neighbor told me about the nice thing the guy before had done, I was ecstatic! One less thing to worry about while my faucet fills up empty coffee cups in the kitchen sink and I degrease all of the kitchen.

That’s it.

I didn’t forget to type a word after that.

Just kitchen.

The whole kitchen.

Yes. This is a thing you have to do! I learn new homey things almost every day.

Well, while I’m trying to get all these little pesky things done, it happened.

What’s ‘it’ you’re asking?

A spot showed up on my driveway. A big one. From my friend’s car. She spent the night and so, of course, she parked in the driveway since I can’t let my friends park on the street - I’m not a monster. When she left the next day, I was like, “maybe I should have been a monster?!” There’s a huge spot on my driveway! My precious, spotless, clean, beautiful driveway.

And to make matters worse, it is now fall and all of the leaves that fell on my back patio left tiny stains on that clean surface.

I went back inside and sat on my couch and just stared into space wondering what I was going to do. Then the water dripped from my faucet and the sound of the water hitting the sink pulled me out of my sadness.

All I had to do was find a great pressure washing company!

I just had to do this #adulting thing and find someone to come and make my driveway and back patio beautiful again.

And then I’d worry about that pesky sink faucet next.

But . . . back to pressure washing . . .

After doing some research, I came across a great company located in the Metro-Atlanta area: Peach State Pressure Wash.

Peach State Pressure Wash is family and veteran owned and operated. Not only are they located in the #Atlanta area, they’re natives! Who doesn’t love a company who knows and loves the area they are serving?

Peach State offers a variety of services. Not only can they get that annoying spot out of my driveway or rid my back patio of leafy memories, but they also clean gutters, install drains, restore concrete, and get rid of graffiti (luckily, I haven’t come across this problem yet . . . ask me again after Halloween. Hopefully my treats are good enough, so I don’t get any tricks)! Residential and commercial structures are eligible for any of these fantastic services.

Being the type A individual that I am, I love me a schedule. Peach State can give all you Type A’s just what you need! Type B’s, you can get in on this too. No discrimination here. For reals though, Peach State loves working in their diverse community! (it says so on their website; click that link above and go explore).

Anyhoo, you know I get a little sidetracked sometimes . . . those plans!

Peach State offers a Peachy Clean Maintenance program. Being a part of this program means you receive regular maintenance of your pressure washing and gutter cleaning needs. No need to schedule because you’ll be on a plan! You get pre-scheduled for the year (priority scheduling, y’all) and make automatic monthly payments. There are three plans to be a part of their Peachy Clean Maintenance program, ranging in price from $75/mo - $215/mo. Here’s the link to check out what those plans entail.

I don’t know about y’all, but I think I’m ready to schedule my pressure washing! Excuse me while I go book my appointment online.

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