A Good Drink Is On It's Way To You

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Hey y'all! I'm back at it again.

It's my first book and booze blog post since I finished my journey through the no alcohol challenge!

If you didn't know, I tasked myself without having a drop of liquor for an entire month. You can read more about that little adventure here.

While I was not drinking, I was doing a lot of reading and I went through a plethora (hehehe, that's my favorite word) of books during my soberness. I continued to come up with the drinks to pair with them, but I couldn't taste them. My best friend, Alana (over at Solely Living) suggested having taste parties where all of my friends could test the drinks and describe to me what they tasted like.

I thought about it.

For like a few seconds . . . but that sounded like torture, so I just figured I'd better wait. Because who wants to torture themselves?

But, enough about me. You came here for the booze and the book, right?

This #thirstythursday has blessed us with two of my favorite things!



Kandi Steiner!

Not too long ago, I read one of Kandi's bestsellers, On The Way To You. And y'all. This book was everything.

On The Way To You is the perfect angsty romance. It's about a boy who finds a girl and they go on a road trip together and discover one another little by little. Piece by piece.

Now, y'all know I'm not about spoilers here (we just do a little #SIPnopsis), so I won't go into too much detail, but there's a tiny bit more I want to share.

On The Way To You touches on something that is very near and dear to my heart: depression.

As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, I felt deeply connected to one of the characters and what they (I don't want to give away if it is the hero or the heroine! You'll have to read to find out) were going through. I am a huge supporter of #mentalhealthmatters and if you have a soft spot for the subject as well, OTWTY is a match. Go grab yourself a copy here!

(want to read more about mental health? check out this blog post)

Now, which drink did I match with On The Way To You?





That would be . . . .




Drum roll please!



okay okay . . .


The Bacon Me Angry Cocktail by Angry Orchard (I found the recipe at the Spruce Eats)

The Recipe


1 oz of Bacon Vodka (learn how to make your own here, courtesy of the Spruce Eats)

a splash of maple syrup

1 dash of bitters

4 oz of Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Hard Cider

To Make:

Pour into a cocktail shaker filled with ice


Strain into cocktail glass

Garnish (of your choosing; the recipe recommends a brandied cherry and a slice of bacon)

So, there ya go!

I was soooo excited to try this drink, so having to wait the 30 days was definitely a challenge, but I did it!

I even made the it while Alana was at my house, so she could get the taste test she dreamed of.

Let me reiterate the fact that you are supposed to STIR the drink in the cocktail shaker. I only put that in caps because something bad happened, right?


Now, I make quite a bit of cocktails and I thought it was weird to put a carbonated drink in a SHAKER. When I was in college, just learning the ways of drinking, I made the mistake of putting Sprite in a shaker and shaking that thing up to make the most wonderful drink for all of my friends.

Don't know what happens?

Try it.

Just make sure someone is recording you do it.

It'll be fun, I swear!

Anyway, so I ignored my instinct and poured the 4 oz of Angry Orchard in the shaker with all of the other ingredients and slowly started shaking . . .

What I expected to happen, the reason I was shaking so timidly, happened.

"Why in the hell would the recipe call for you to shake this?!" I screamed. *Not really, I'm just being dramatic now.*

I went back and re-read the recipe.


Oh. Right.

Lolz. So, make sure you stir, not shake . . . unless you're planning a very evil prank on someone and you want to waste alcohol.

After finally getting the instructions right and pouring myself and Alana each a glass of the cocktail, I chose to garnish our glasses with a slice of bacon

Bacon Me Angry

We each took a sip and our eyes lit up from bacon-y goodness.

The drink was surprisingly light and was like brunch in a glass. You get the sweetness from the apple and the maple syrup with just a slight aftertaste of the savory bacon.

I liked it!

And at the end, you get a slice of bacon that has been soaking on vodka!!!!

Need I say more?

I paired this cocktail with Kandi's masterpiece for a few different reasons:

  • though the drink had a little fanciness to it, it tasted like home

  • bacon . . . diner . . . again, you'll have to read to find out

  • remember how I mentioned angsty earlier? The two main characters didn't always get along . . . it's all in the title of the cocktail

I hope you find this booze and this book as amazing as I did! Go grab yourself the cocktail, have a seat on your back porch, and dive in to On The Way To You! Make sure you grab that blanket too because it's officially #sweaterweather and the best time to read a good romance!

Join me next week for another #ThirstyThursday #SIPnopsis!! Until then follow Kandi Steiner on Instagram Facebook and Twitter!

"vodka may not be the answer, but it's worth a shot"

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